Eli Roth to produce two different horror films

November 18, 2010

Eli Roth is set to produce two upcoming films, “Aftershock” and “Clown.” Roth, known for his acting roles in “Inglorious Bastards” and “Cabin Fever” will be working overseeing the production of two new horror films. Roth also directed the more recent horror film, “Hostel,” which is set in Europe. The two films are set to commence production in 2011. “Clown” started out as a fake movie trailer on YouTube, but was well-received and will now be a feature-length film.

“Aftershock” is described as a high-octane-horror-thriller, and is set in the aftermath of the Chilean earthquake in February 2010. Read more about Roth and the two films here: “Clown” and “Aftershock”

Here is the fake trailer for “Clown” that sparked the interest in Roth producing the film:


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