‘Like Crazy,’ Drake Doremus heat up after Sundancee

August 2, 2011

Like Crazy,” an indie love story that received quite a bit of positive attention at Sundance this year, is becoming a huge rebound for writer/director Drake Doremus, as his debut film, “Douchebag,” was not well received.

With a domestic gross of about $20,000, the dramedy “Douchebag” tanked when it was released in October 2010.

“Like Crazy,” won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Picture and the Special Jury Prize for Best Actress (Felicity Jones). The ultra-low budget film was purchased by Paramount Vantage for $4 million, making it the biggest sale at this year’s festival.

Anne Thompson talked with Doremus on Monday, and he’s already under way on his next film, which is currently untitled. He said the project will also star Jones, who will work alongside Guy Pearce and Amy Ryan in this thrilling, relationship drama set in upstate New York.

In the interview with Thompson, Doremus said he is becoming “less funny.”

“I’m certainly more fascinated with drama. My films are going in that direction. You can’t force filmmaking, it has to come to you organically. I’m just rolling with it, down this path.”

Doremus shot “Like Crazy” on a Canon 7D, an 18 megapixel SLR with HD video recording, as noted by Ryan Koo. Doremus told Thompson he would shoot 30-minute takes, running through the scenes four or five times without starting and stopping, making adjustments. He would keep the camera rolling. “It’s like an organic jazz odyssey,” he said.

“Like Crazy” is a romance drama about an American student (Anton Yelchin) who falls in love with a British college student (Jones), who becomes banned from the United States when she overstays her visa.

The film opens in select theaters October 28, and check out the trailer below that was released earlier this week.


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